Watch this space for the next kinkybeds live show!RED kinky bed and the KINKY wheel

Kinky Beds at Halloween...Kinky Beds at Torture Garden

Our most recent appearance was at the Torture Garden Halloween Ball at SeOne, London's largest club, on Saturday 31 October 2009.

Lots of kinky folk turned up to meet us there: it was a great opportunity for everyone to try out the bed for themselves! Better still it was the first chance for some of the perviest partygoers to have a play with our latest Kinky Bed accessory - the Kinky Wheel!

For further information see:
> Young Man on the Wheel
> The Halloween Ball
> the Torture Garden website
> the SeOne website

Take a Look

We made quite an impact at the Skin Two North Rubber Ball, back in July. It was a great chance to meet lots of pervy folk up in Leeds who found plenty of interesting and creative things to do on the bed and especially the wheel!

If you'd like to see just a little of what they were getting up to, take a look at the Rubber Ball Galleries. The wheel (and the bed) can be seen prominently in most of the photos on pages 12 - 26

Skin Two Summer BallFor further information see:
> Skin Two North website

Recent Events where the Kinky Bed was on show:
Torture Garden Valentine's Day Ball, Saturday 14 February 2009
Torture Garden's Birthday Ball, Saturday 16 May 2009
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Skin Two North Rubber Ball, Saturday 4 July 2009
> visit the Skin Two website

Come to Us

You are welcome to book an appointment to view the bed at our workshop in Bristol. We can also make a bed available for shows, photo-shoots and bondage parties and film projects.


Watch this space for future events where we will be appearing...

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